Saturday, April 20, 2013


Okay, today is about routine. I created a routine especially for this blogging challenge and so far I’ve been very good at following through with it, as you can see. I haven’t been late once. (Knock on wood.)
What is your routine, whether or not you’re a writer? My routine starts with getting up in the morning. This is very important as there is no start to my day without it. I make coffee for my husband and tea for me. I feed my little lovey-dog and commence the thinking part of the routine. I work out most mornings, get home, check my emails, blogs, etc. then I get busy and work on my project. Each day I try to leave my wip at a point where it’s necessary to go back and “catch up” a bit so that I start with where I ended the day before. I know this sounds logical, but in writing that isn’t always what happens. Often, though I start that way, I end up working on a piece I thought I’d finished with until the next draft. This, for me, is the part of revising that I love. This is where the true character of my protagonist (s) comes out and sometimes I get a big surprise.
This is definitely NOT my routine!
Then, once finished for the day, I take my little Bonaparte (little body, big ego) out for a walk before welcoming my husband home. I try to stick to this routine each week day. The weekends I try to keep for gardening. I say try. Because even though I love this routine, I sometimes find that I have to revise just one thing on my wip, even on the weekend, like today, Saturday, and I think that’s a good thing. I think it’s good to “break” any routine once in a while. What do you think? What is your routine, and how do you like to break it?

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  1. I'm a hot tea drinker myself. It's the Lakota in me. :-)

    Routine is what gets you through the war of crafting a novel. Mine is molded around the demands of my job as rare blood courier. Speaking of which, I have to be off! :-)

  2. Good luck, and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Checking out your blog...

  3. A-Z blogging and a full time job has pushed my WIP to the back burner. As a teacher, I hope to spend some serious summer time on my WIP.

  4. I get up, take my daughters to school/nursery and then the morning is free for writing. At 11.30 I pick up my youngest and all thoughts of writing go out of the window!

  5. Hello, Lisa! I like having a routine, too, and it helps keep me moving forward with my writing. It can be very disconcerting when the routine you're so used to gets altered! But that's life, lol.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  6. Waking up and coffee are, indeed, two key points in getting the day started :)

    And, yes, I agree...sometimes, it's good to shake up the routine.

  7. When I am writing, my routine is several hours of writing in the evening after I practice my guitar. (I usually do it during NaNo or BuNo so I'm also forced to make a deadline with my word count.)
    Otherwise my routine is my job and blogging throughout the day.

  8. I start every morning with a pot of tea - so I guess that's a routine. That's pretty much it! I want to be more like you!
    Stopping by on the the

  9. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Routines and schedules are important. I'm a bit more relaxed and flexible as of late, but spring is in the air, so it's all good:)

  10. Hi Lisa .. I'm good at the getting up and getting organised with coffee - I must now build the exercise into the day ... after the A - Z ... my routine in the last few years has been visiting my mother twice a day ... and everything else got fitted in around her. I'm adjusting - the space for my brain is wonderful .. and now that summer just might be around the corner life is getting easier all round. Just need those walks, stretches and freedom to settle in ...

    Having a family adds things - but they're enjoyable ... good luck with the WIP though .. cheers Hilary


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