Monday, August 26, 2013

Even Short Vacations Work

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  Vacations are supposed to be fun. Whether you’re taking one for adventure or rest or visiting with good friends, fun should be part of the equation, right?
So how fun is it to go to a place you’ve never been, with some of your best friends, to stay with some of their family? Can I begin to tell you?
We took a tiny three-day vacation to pull ourselves back together after a summer (three months!) spent with a seventeen year old French girl who didn’t really want to be with us (until the end of course), and before school started again for my husband. We needed this getaway; needed it like drowning folks need life preservers. This was a serious need. Along with us we took our best companion, Bonaparte, who is a Mauxie, half Maltese and half miniature red short-haired dachshund, who needed a vacation too.
The drive would take about five hours to our destination, but first we had to stop in Atlanta to partake of an Atlanta tradition, lunch at the “Varsity.” Best hotdogs in town, best onion rings you’ve ever had, not to mention the ambience of the “Old Timey” restaurant. Around four in the afternoon we got up into the north Georgia Blue Ridge mountains, found a liquor store so we wouldn’t arrive empty-handed, and then made our way into the lush, dappled-green hilly terrain to find our home for the weekend. No other word describes it like Lovely does. Three stories of a house built of wood right on a steep incline leading down to the river, which was at record high levels. This place breathed relaxation, nature, rejuvenation and peace. The ambient rush of the river loosened up even the tightest of stressed muscles and calmed the mind with ease as one sat out on any of the four decks or balconies associated with the house. Paradise does come to mind.
And so our hosts welcomed us, showed us the house, our rooms, gave us drinks and walked us down the long and winding stairs to the deck situated about ten feet above the river. There we ensconced ourselves for at least an hour, eating baked zucchini and drinking wine and beer. It only got better. Dinner was a mass of vegetables cooked in different southern styles, squash casserole, green beans, salads, fried okra, finished off with watermelon and cantaloupe.  There was even enough left over for a re-embellished dinner the next evening.  We talked about going out to dinner somewhere but no one wanted to!
The next day we left the haven of the house to visit two small towns, Ellijay and Blue Ridge, where my mother had lived when she met my other dad (step-dad is not a fun name). We visited the farmer’s market in Ellijay then headed over to Blue Ridge, where all six of us proceeded to window shop and shop. We even took our little Bonaparte with us and he dazzled everyone with his cuteness, especially when we met a female that looked just like him!
We lucked out with visiting a shop, Out of the Blue, right as a wine tasting event was about to commence. Also, the host was French, from Paris and we enjoyed speaking French with him and drinking his wine, of which, of course, we bought three bottles. Not to mention a lovely sheep cheese the shop sold, and a present for my sister. Too fun.
We got home, had lunch, vegetated for a few hours, everyone doing whatever it was they wanted to do, and around five we all came back together and discussed what to do with the rest of the afternoon/evening. We’d talked about tubing down the river, but as it was late in the afternoon and not a lot of sun, it looked as if we wouldn’t do it. But I wanted to, even if only for a little bit, so I asked how far from the house was the point where one could get out. As luck would have it, the landing was just around the corner of the river, about a quarter of a mile. So I said I’d go alone. Well, our lovely hostess wouldn’t hear of it. So all three women changed, grabbed our tubes and took the stairs down to the river. My husband photographed us getting in and floating away and our host gathered us at the landing. The weather was perfect, the river flowing nicely with all the previous rain wasn’t too cold, and we three “girls” enjoyed experiencing the water and ease of the short trip. Then
our hostess surprised us by saying the hot tub was ready and that’s where we would go upon our return. The view, the water heated just right, and, with all of that, champagne to be partaken of. My husband even dared to play along and gave us a strip show (to his underwear) before indulging himself in the hot tub with us! River, hot tube, hot dude, champagne, shower outside, then drinks and appetizers followed by another tasty dinner before we all six sat in comfy seats in the living room overlooking the river as the sun went down. We all talked while the guys watched the Braves game without sound. After that we moved to the closest porch outside and talked some more. By the time we hit the bed it was eleven and we slept the sleep of well-rested and happy folks.
That, my friends, was one of the best, even if too short, vacations we’ve had. I hope you experienced something the like as well this summer. Now, back to the “real world.” 


  1. Thank you for such a lovely description of a fascinating, healing vacation. Your hosts sounded warm and fun. I am glad you got a reward for putting up with an ungracious guest. Give Bonaparte a pat for me.

    Speaking of Bonaparte, I have my teen hero stumble across Napoleon playing three-sided chess with Freud and Darwin at the end my urban fantasy, LOVE LIKE DEATH.

    Thanks for enjoying Victor's Voodoo Vacation! :-)

  2. Thanks for the comments Roland! Wonder who wins that chess game...?!

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm sorry you didn't find my own Write...Edit...Publish post. Here's a link if you'd care to take a gander:

    1. I found it, thank you! Thanks to you as well for stopping by. This has been fun. I look forward to next months...

  4. Ahh, I can just imagine the view, the fresh air, and the relaxation that ensued! Lovely sounds like the right word. So wonderful that Bonaparte could enjoy the trip too, we had to leave Patches behind with the boys to look after her, she loved it though as they spoil her. So brave of you to float down that swollen river, I couldn't do it - have a healthy fear of water. :)

  5. Sounds like an awesome time and some of the best vacations are spent -away- from the city, in my opinion :)

  6. Hey LIsa. This is my second try at commenting. I wrote an extended response on my phone this morning when I woke up and saw you'd posted, but my phone then had a hissy fit and didn't post the comment. Grr. I've been in bed feeling unwell, so have been using my phone rather than computer. However, here i am, computer on lap...

    I loved your vacation, no matter how short. Love the trip, the food, the friends, the shopping...right down to the adorable Bonoparte. I especially loved the image of the women going tubing down the river. How wonderful! And the male stripper at the jacuzzi wasn't half bad either! A lovely escape. I hope you get to do it again soon.

    I'm glad you finally posted. I know I checked your link several times and no doubt other participants did too, then decided you were a no show. I'll have to apologise because I know most people will not swing by, unless in response to your visit. I'm going to narrow the posting date next time.

    Thank you so much for posting to the inaugural WEP blogfest. I hope you will be able to join us for MOVING ON!


  7. Sounds like an awesome trip. Tubing down rivers is always fun, but with a hot tub, champagne, and a hottie at the end of the tunnel, wow! Great vacation post. You could write travel books :)

  8. This is a part of the world I have visited a few times now (Atlanta, at least, and some nearby towns) but still don't really know that well.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like it was a great trip.

  9. What a lovely place to spend a few days and you had such wonderful hosts. Perhaps you could manage a longer stay another time.

  10. River, hot tube, hot dude, champagne, outside shower, drinks and appetisers... that's quite the line-up!
    What a beautiful location too... the ideal getaway spot for some R&R...
    All in all, a short but idyllic vacation!
    Thanks for visiting my place and leaving a comment.
    Writer In transit

  11. A completely relaxing vacation. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes short vacations are the best.

  12. Hi Lisa .. I am quite sure you needed a few days of nothing ... having someone else in the house who didn't show much interest is a little trying - then she'd left it too late ...

    However the wonderful company and house in the mountains surrounded by trees and water ... makes three days sound like three weeks .. and I sincerely hope you get another chance for a visit ..

    The hot tub .. well now - got an extra space?! Happy memories .. cheers Hilary

  13. Wow- that really does sound like paradise! So jealous, but so happy for you, too!

  14. Seems as though you had a lot of fun.


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