Wednesday, April 02, 2014

B - Bordeaux

The top of the fountain/monument in Bordeaux

BORDEAUX, Not only did I begin to fall for my husband in this great riverside city, but it has a history as great as its country. One thing to point out, about twenty to twenty-five years ago, Bordeaux was more an ugly city than a pretty one. Its beautiful sand-colored buildings had all turned varying shades of gray and deep black. Someone developed a way to clean the stone and the city took on a new life. Now, with the riverside transformed, the buildings kept clean (or there is a fine for the building owner) the tourist trade has gone head over heels. Tours of the Médoc, the wine country, the Palais Gallien (This Roman Amphitheater is one of the largest in the region), Le Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, and the numerous churches, parks, botanical gardens, not to mention shopping and restaurants to die for, make this a destination worth exploring. These photos offer only a small preview of the sights Bordeaux has to offer...

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Ferris wheel with image of part of the fountain

A close up of part of the great fountain
Le Porte Cailhau, the most picturesque gate to the city.

In the back, submarine bunkers from WWII

They don't just tow in France!

A monument to the victims and families of 9-11

One side has been cleaned, but not the other!

A view into a restaurant in downtown Bordeaux

Inside the Great Theater in Bordeaux

In front of the last section still standing of the Roman Amphitheater.

Me, enjoying the cool wetness of the "Miroir d'eau"

Here you can see why they call this the "Mirror of Water"

Bonne Route!!!


  1. I've been to the Bordeaux region - but never into the town .. one day perhaps .. Love the photos and the Mirroir .. it is isn't it .. the kids must love it - good for selfies?! Why did I go there ..?

    Cheers and happy B day .. Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary! I went crazy taking photos of the kids playing. They DO love it, and it's big enough for lots of folks to enjoy all at the same time. Next time I'm there I try and take a selfie!

  2. Have you ever been on the Ferris Wheel in your picture?

    1. I haven't Allison, but my husband has! He took the photos from up on high that you see here. Thanks for coming by! I'm finally free today to go check out more blogs at A to Z...

  3. Oooh, now I want to explore Bordeaux! As if I don't love France enough as it is. Love seeing those gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

    1. Any time DG, I too, just love going there. The first time I did I thought it totally ugly because of the dirtiness on the buildings and in the air, and there wasn't a river walk...The city has blossomed into a heady state of tourism, and even has a "trolly" now, very modern and easy to use...

  4. Oh my word! Bordeaux is gorgeous! Is it your home town?
    Paris is my all-time fave city... I was fortunate enough to visit the city many, many years ago...
    I still dream of returning for another visit one day...
    There's another A to Z blogger (she's a pilot... can you believe it...?) who has a French theme - you should check it out at the following link

    Writer In Transit

    1. Thanks so much Michelle for the link to the other blog. Really, I'm going over there as soon as I finish answering my comments. Bordeaux isn't my home town, but my husband lived there when I met him (he actually grew up in Toulouse and yes, that's going to be my "T" word!) and landed his first serious job in Bordeaux. Lucky for me! And like you, I ALWAYS want to go back!!!!

  5. J'adore! I took 4 years of french in Junior and hig school and two more years in college- what do i remember? Some of the cities in France like this one and une petite francais.

    Decadent Kane (blog)

  6. I love the history and beauty of the ancient world! Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing! <3

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z Challenge
    Caring for My Veteran

  7. That's a great looking place. Maybe one day, I'll get to France :)


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