Wednesday, September 05, 2018

September! IWSG and Ohio

My little space.
The move to Ohio is almost complete. We are in our “new” little (rented) abode but are still moving boxes around. We have discovered we must keep our storage unit. There are things we want to keep, and this house is not big enough for all of those things. I have made a small space for myself in our living room where I can write, and so, I am writing my first IWSG and blog post in my new little space in what will be our home for the next two years. I’m glad to finally have a place to write.
A friend (she is also a writer) asked the other day why I didn’t “get out” and write in cafes or parks or somewhere else. I know that famous-of-all-famous-writers, J.K. Rowling’s did well that way. But I can’t write where I’m constantly distracted. I do best tucked away in a quite place, away from things that will pull me from my writing world. Do you need quiet or are you one of those who can write anywhere?
Apart from my writing life, I awoke this morning in deep sadness. I am sad to not be in NC anymore. I am sad to not be in France anymore. And I’ve realized that most of that sadness comes from the people who I love and miss that are still in those places. I. Am. Lonely. I’m not used to this feeling. I think if I can allow some time pass from this move, I will find my stride in front of this computer and loneliness will recede. It’s been such a busy, change-filled year. I guess it’s normal to feel what I’m feeling? I have gone to a French speaking group, which helped restore part of my disequilibrium. Now I am going to write to a writer who contacted me before I even got here and see if we can meet. Since my husband is very, very happy with his studies and teaching, I must put my best feet forward toward making a place for myself here in the middle of Ohio. Wish me luck!

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Columbus, Ohio

Our little abode.


  1. Glad you have your writing space now. I can't write with distractions around me either.
    You just had a whirlwind of a year and so many adventures. You'll adjust.

  2. Hi Lisa - I'm sure you'll settle in ... as you say you've had lots of change this year. Love the little 'den' ... and I too prefer to be where there are no distractions. Take care and all will be well - cheers Hilary

  3. Happy IWSG Day!

    Glad you are settling in well to your new space. Sorry to hear of your loneliness, but hopefully it won't last long. Glad you found a group of peers to gather with.

    I can write anywhere, but I have to be in a mindset to write. I guess it's all up to my muse.

  4. That is a tiny house. I can see why you treasure your writing corner.

    Columbus is a huge town. You're new so it's easy to feel lonely. Once you settle into writing and start connecting locally, it will all fall into place.

  5. What a sweet spot you've nestled into. My son just returned from a business trip in Ohio, and he loved your state. He shared some beautiful pictures. You've got water back there! California envies any state with water. :-)

  6. What a cozy nest you've settled into. My son just returned from a trip to Ohio, and he shared some lovely pictures of your state. You have water back there. California envies any state with water.

  7. I love your little writing space. I'm with you. I prefer a more quiet area to write.

  8. Skype or Facetime might be what you need. It is a great way to keep in touch until new friends come a knocking. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  9. Haven't visited Ohio yet, thanks for the little taste of it. Good luck in your abode! :)

  10. It is difficult to start all over somewhere. So nice you have a writing space in the "new little abode." How sweet. I write from home, in my own space. I have a desk in my bedroom I rarely use (typing from there now though) but I like it in the living room. When no one else is around. I'm easily distracted, but like being in my own familiar space. I get up frequently to fiddle with things while I think and process.

  11. Loneliness is a scourge. I hope you find a way out of it soon.
    And yes, to needing a quiet place to actually work. I am very, very distractable.

  12. I've always wanted to try writing in parks and libraries, etc. And I want to test it out someday, but I just write at home. :)

  13. You've been through a lot the last couple of years. Allow yourself some room to be human. Hopefully, Ohio will start to feel like home soon, and you won't be sad long.

    I'm like you. I can't write well with distractions.

  14. Any move is hard, especially when you move so far away from anything familiar, but I'm sure you'll find your niche there.
    I could never write in a public space. I need peace and quiet and my familiar writing nook.

  15. I need my space, too. I can't even write with Hubs sitting near me and reading or playing on his computer. I feel for you after your move. I often felt that way too. Suggestion: find a newcomers group. Google [your town name] newcomers. Best thing I did each time I moved. I found sub-groups that enabled me to become part of the community. Oh, check Facebook, too. As you become accustomed to the change in your life, you'll find the sadness/loneliness will ease. Good luck!

  16. Hey, we were in Ohio about a month ago. It's beautiful if nothing else. =) We've moved 17 times since we got married in 2000, but most of those were cluster moves with stints of 3 years stability. I think you really have to give it a year before assessing the fit. It takes that long for me to feel somewhat integrated in my new locations, and I try not to think about it until I hit that magical point...but sometimes I fail.

    I like quiet for writing, but I'll take whatever I can get--distractions or no.

  17. Hi, Lisa,

    I know how you feel. You are out of sorts... that is COMPLETELY natural. Once you settle in and perhaps meet new friends, the loneliness will slip away. In the meantime, keeping close contact with the ones you love in France and NC, will get you through the rough spots. New places are hard and scary and the Mid West is different from where you have lived before. There are some AMAZING writers in Ohio, whom I visited several years ago. Reaching out to writers in the area will certainly make you feel more at home. I tried here in Chicago, but the attitudes are very different here than in Ohio... people are much friendlier there.

    ALL the best in your new life.

  18. What a quaint little cottage! I love quaint, which is awesome because it fits my budget.

    We seriously need to meet up. I'm going to google maps right now and I'll email you. :)

  19. welcome to Ohio!
    Columbus has some great literary events maybe I can meet you at one!

    and I’m finally responding to your questions from earlier this month: are you still happy with Curiosity Quills? Sounded like you weren't with them anymore or were unhappy?
    I am good with CQ but they are small and as they try to get bigger the personal attention wanes... things change all the time so I need to be prepared and do what’s in my best interest
    I plan to stay with them and hope they stay successful but I am also reaching out for agents to help me navigate...

  20. I was born in Cleveland so I have an affinity for Ohio even though I haven't lived there in nearly 60 years. I'd go back though. It would be closer to my kids in NJ and VA.

    Writing in public places does not work well for me since I am so easily distracted. I have a hard enough time writing at home.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  21. Wow, what a change--from France to Ohio! I can't even imagine. I'm glad you were able to find a French-speaking group. Writing will help as well. And you have us.

    Love your office chair, btw. It's beautiful.

    I also need silence to write. I've never understood how other writers can be productive in coffee shops or even listen to music (with or without lyrics). Sometimes I wish I could be more like that, as the way I write best is very isolating, but if it's possible to change it, I haven't figured how how yet.

    Sorry it took me so long to get here.


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