Wednesday, October 03, 2018

October and IWSG


October (Part of the poem)
By Robert Frost
O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled,
Beguile us in the way you know.
Release one leave at break of day;
At noon release another leaf;
One from our trees, one far away.
Retard the sun with gentle mist; 
Enchant the land with amethyst. Slow, slow!

 I wish time would slow a little, give us more time in a day, more time in a life. But time is relative and it’s up to me to make of it what I will, right? Do you wish time would slow a bit? I’m working on my story to submit to the IWSG anthology, hence my desire for time to ease off a little. Will I have it done by the deadline? That is my goal. Will it be good enough? That is also my goal, and so I am nervous. First because though I have read a lot of YA, I’ve never tried to write it. A challenge before NaNoWriMo and one that just might take the place of it this year. 

  Please go and visit the blogs of our lovely co-hosts for the October 3 posting of the IWSG:  

 This month’s question (s) set me to thinking. How do major life events affect my writing, and, has writing ever helped me through something?
For me, writing goes away during major life events, depending on the event. Like the move we’ve just endured, writing was the poor step-child and got very little attention from me. Now the move is mostly over, my computer is in love with me again, accepting me the way my little dog does, unconditionally, each time I come back to it. Thank goodness.
When my maternal grandmother was in hospital with cancer and we all realized her time was coming, my sister and I both went to visit her. It was hard because though I’d been very, very close with her when I was young, I hadn’t really seen or spoken to her in over ten years. Family drama I won’t go into here, but I didn’t want her to leave with that between us. On the way to see her I cried like I hadn’t allowed myself to do in all that time. I ended up writing two stories inspired by her, by our relationship and her relationship with my mother. Writing those stories put what is important in one’s life into perspective for me and helped me heal, as a nine-year-old, and as an adult. Yes, cathartic.
May time slow just enough for us to enjoy and relax into this change in seasons.

Happy Autumn Everyone!


  1. October is my favorite month. So many changes usually. Good ones mostly.

    My writing suffers through some events, flourishes through others. I wanted to have my IWSG story submitted by Oct 1, but life threw me a curve I couldn't find the creative energy to write through. I hope time slows enough for me to get it written this weekend.

    Glad you are settling in the new home.

  2. Good luck with your anthology story! I'm sure it's going to be great :-) Just remember that teenagers have certain issues they have to deal with (school, friends, crushes, etc.) and that, for the most part, real issues (like paying the rent) doesn't usually feature into their reality. They're complicated creatures who are selfish and selfless at the same time -- tricky to write, but lots of fun too. (This is specifically for contemporary YA.) Hope it helps :-) Happy IWSG day.

    Ronel visiting on Insecure Writer's Support Group day: Course Correction

  3. I'm glad you were able to mend the differences with your grandmother and it inspired you to write.
    Get that story done - you can do it!

  4. Congratulations on getting back into the writing post-move!
    And I’m so glad writing is a healing exercise for you, instead of one that takes more than it gives.

  5. I definitely wish time would slow down! Where has this year gone? My head is spinning. Case in point, it took me an entire month to return your visit to my blog--so sorry about that.

    Sorry, too, to hear about your grandmother, but it's wonderful you were able to make your peace with her before she passed.

    I feel the same way about writing. Sadly, it usually takes a backseat when there are major life events occurring.

  6. Lovely pictures! I love this time of year. In a way, by putting your experience into those stories, she is immortalized. One day I hope to do the same. :)

  7. Those are beautiful photos.

    Writing my series helped me heal, too.

  8. Hi Lisa - you've been doing a lot recently ... but am glad to see the machine is up and running happily again - good luck with the writing. I'm sure I'd put aside writing if I was adding to a book - but when ever strife garners me up then just keeping up vaguely with the blog takes me away and gives me something positive in life ... cheers and all the best - Hilary

  9. Beautiful photos and a beautiful story. Thank goodness for the ability to put down the words burning through our souls, eh?

  10. My writing turns slow and cathartic in tough times, too.
    Beautiful photos and best wishes on your writing journeys!

  11. Beautiful pics.
    Pictures of autumn leaves in their shades of red/orange/gold always leave a lump in my throat. Hence my love for the song Autumn Leaves.
    Good luck with your anthology story, Lisa!

  12. Thank so much for stopping by my blog.
    I'm glad that writing helped you get through such a tough circumstance.
    Lovely pictures. Still waiting for Fall to arrive where I live.
    Best of luck with your submission.


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