Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A to Z Biarritz

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Known for its historically lavish lifestyle, thanks to its casino and location, I visited Biarritz during the off season, so gray skies and empty streets made the going easy. One was impressed immediately with the “dating” of its “hay day” still lurking among newer looking trappings.

Biarritz has a deep, aged elegance, sitting as it does on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. I imagined women in silks and furs entering the majestic casino at night, lights blazing and laughter ringing. I can imagine how alive this city must be in the summer with beaches full of bathers and streets packed with shoppers. I didn’t take any photos of the casino because it was under renovation but found two online that show (without scaffolding!) the entrance I saw, and a night view from the beach.
By day...

By night from the ocean side
The “Le Museé de la Mer” is very much worth visiting. Its beautiful displays are very modern, and the size of the art deco facility makes it doable in a few hours or less, so you don’t have to spend your whole day there.

As always in France, restaurants abound. Eating in Biarritz, even in off season, is a literal treat. We ate lunch at “Le Pim’Pi Bistrot” in the photo.
There are miles of walking to do in and around this town, and right down the coast is Spain, which we also visited.
This whole area with its stunning oceanic views, local color, architecture, and beautiful shoreline is well worth a visit.

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  1. How beautiful! What a special place to visit.

  2. Great photos. Loved the underwater ones, wow! And the sand sculpture too.

  3. Beautiful area. I'd rather visit in the off season as well.

  4. The night view of the casino is stunning and certainly inviting.

  5. I like that art deco Musee. This city looks like a place with a lot of character.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. I like to go to Biarritz too, even if it's at the other side of the country (I'm from East of France)! Did you try surfing?

    1. It was tooooo cold! I went in February! But there were plenty of surfers and wind-surfers out. I took too many photos even though it was gray and windy.

  7. There is a lot to be said for visiting places in the off season. I loved the pictures you took at the aquarium and its Art Deco setting would have been a wonderful "plus" for me. I have never been to Europe, but one of my cousins married a man born in France to an American father and French mother. Thank you for the visit to my blog for AtoZ.

  8. Looks amazing. Love the fish and sand!


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