Wednesday, September 04, 2019

IWSG September - After Summer Blues

Do you ever feel like a spoiled brat? After this summer I do. Amazingly wonderful summer. Lots of quality time with my husband, two impromptu short vacations together (one to Canada!), a four-day visit to Chicago in August given to me as an early birthday present from my sister, who was also my host and tour guide. (My “big number” birthday is actually this month but we wouldn’t be able to be together on the day so we did it when we both could)
I am spoiled beyond spoiled. I sit at home now, alone with my little dog and think of how lucky I am, and how blessed, and yet am flogging myself with questions about my writing, intentions and otherwise. I am “this close” (finger and thumb held a millimeter apart), to finishing my current WIP, and I’m sick of it. I don’t want to write another word. It feels like too much to finish it. I only wish it was because I was so in love with it that I didn’t want to finish it, but the reality is I’m questioning if I should even keep writing. I make no money. I’m not helping anyone with my writing, and though my husband is ever patient and supportive, I feel I’m letting him down.
So, right now I feel like a brat. A sad brat. A frustrated brat with no “real” reason to feel so depressed. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s to tell me to get off my arse and finish the book!

September 4 question: 
If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?
First, France. Because I have a true love-on for France, especially the Toulouse area. I feel so much more inspired when I'm there, usually. I dream a lot there. I'd also like to be in the Carribean. I think if I had a month next to a soft dreamy beach I could perhaps make it to me, to what I need to write next. Now all I have to do is find that place here, in my home...

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 All photos Lisa Buie-Collard
Bridal Veil Falls US

Horseshoe Falls Canada

My hubby, me and our pup Boney at Niagara Falls. Wow. First time in Canada, first time to see the falls.

Hubby and me out on the town. Great sliders here!

My Sis and me at Hamburger Mary's Diva Brunch!
At the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, my Sis and me.


  1. No words of wisdom, but I can relate. I guess that's why I've been sticking to the occasional short stories and flash fiction. Writing is my hobby. I enjoy it, but I've gotten tired of it ruling my every thought. I would like to spend more time writing though. Some day I shall retire, and then I'll spend more time writing. That's the plan, anyway.

    Those trips sound lovely and soothing. Awesome you got to have a break with your sister. Happy birthday.

  2. Hi Lisa - wonderful to see the photos - congratulations and continue to have fantastic early and late birthday times! How thoughtful of your sister ... great present ... your books are great - so time to finish this coming one, and then you can dream on for the next. I can see you'd love to write in France ... but for now - where hubby is! Take care - cheers Hilary

  3. I am ten years into my writing practice and am not published (other than local magazine articles and they are not what I mean). I am not making money writing. But four books in, I figure if I stop now, that's ten years of wasted effort. I may never be published, but I SURELY won't be if I don't stick with it. Please keep writing.

  4. Fantastic photos.
    If your husband is supportive, just graciously accept it and write without guilt. Although I do understand getting to the end of a project and being sick of it.

  5. I do feel a little spoiled after my recovery time from surgery. I was forced not to do any work, and instead did art and read and researched. I had a lot of fun. It's been tough getting back into the swing of things.

    Amazing photos!

  6. I don't know about sticking with writing in general - it's an argument I have with myself all the time, but the truth of the matter is I just can't stop.

    But as for trouble finishing your book, often some time away from it is the best solution. Like your vacations, for instance, should rejuvenate and make you eager to get back to it. If it hasn't yet, then take a bit more time.

    Great photos!

  7. I totally understand. I've been feeling the same way. I imagine how much I could get done around the house, at a job- if I wasn't spending so much time writing. But I love writing, so isn't it better than other hobbies? I mean I could be a shopping addict.

    Also, your stories are really good. You have talent and a great artistic eye. It would be a shame for you to quit. Also, it's way cheaper than therapy.

  8. I'm so thankful your life has been filled with awesome blessings!
    Keep on accepting the support, and just finish! (I am saying this for me, too. I have been struggling with one of my revision projects.)

  9. You're not letting anyone down with your writing. Just keep plugging away at it, even if you're ready to move on to something else. Trust me, your husband isn't feeling let down.

  10. The pics are stunning.
    Keep on writing, especially since you have your husband's support.
    You have to keep on. You've come this far.
    Writer In Transit

  11. Glad you had an awesome summer!
    I don't think you should be too hard on yourself. I get being sick of a WIP when you spend a lot of time on it. But you've come this far...just keep at it!

  12. As long as you got to celebrate it with those you love, doesn't matter if it wasn't the right date.

    Go have a good scream and a good cry (when no one is there) and once the pity-party is over, get back to writing.

  13. How wonderful you & your sister could get together to celebrate your b'day. I've experienced that frustration and lack of energy to finish a project. So have many others, I'm sure. Remember you're not alone. Set it aside. Take time to refill the creative well. Do something you enjoy and didn't have the time to do or something you used to do and enjoyed. The break may give you the creative energy to return to your WIP. Or start a new story--maybe on in a genre you never tried before. Or a journal about your favorite place in France. Good luck!

  14. Sounds like a great summer. I'm where you're at with my WiP--I just want to be done. So I've told myself I'm going to keep moving forward. I know once it's edited (which takes me waaaay longer than the actual writing of it), I will like it better. I guess I'm saying you'll like it better once it's really complete. But you got this! Go girl!

  15. Lisa, get off your arse and finish that WIP :)

    I know you'll do it, and I get that you have to do it on your own pace, but break a leg and hope you can write The End sooner than later!

    Love, love, love that you're having a ball in life and getting away to some wonderful places. Travelling is so much fun and I wish that everyone gets to see some of their bucket list items.

    Buen Camino - wherever you guys go :)

  16. Welcome to Canada! I hope you enjoyed your time here.

    What you're going through is really common, though that doesn't make it less painful. For some reason, writers are often struck with doubts and fears when creating, and neither success nor fame seems to make it go away. Here is a blog post by Chuck Wendig that might help, though it sounds like you're past the middle:

    Also, how do you know your writing isn't helping someone? I'm sure it is, and only one thing is guaranteed--it can't help anyone if you don't finish the book and get it out there.

    You got this, Lisa. Now go write! (I'm absolutely hating my WIP as well, so I can relate.)

  17. I LOVE that you LOVE life and so should it be for all of us :) You've seen and done so much and I know you won't stop, so don't worry. Do your thing. Life YOUR life, and by God, keep on enjoying it, dear friend! The writing will happen when its meant to.

  18. What wonderful trip you had! I like the freedom summer gives me. Less clothing. On my own time. I do not like 100 degree Missouri days.



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