Wednesday, October 02, 2019

IWSG October Oh Boy

Oh boy, today crept up on me way too fast! Hence this post is late, but, evidently like me, that is life right now. I haven't lost days like this in a long time and now twice in two weeks I've been off kilter. Okay, so, other than being a bit off, progress is happening in current WIP, so can't complain.
I don't have much to write about this month as am invested in getting this book done by the end of this month, so...on to IWSG!

The October Question of the Month:
It's been said that the benefits of becoming a writer who doesn't not read is that all your ideas are new and original. Everything you do is an extention of yourself, instead of a mixture of you and another author. On the other hand, how can you expect other people to want to read your writing if you don't enjoy reading? What are your thoughts?

My thought are...first, I've never heard of an author who doesn't read! But besides that, I think whether you read while writing or not, we are all influenced in some way by what happens around us in our everyday lives, so reading is only an extention of that. Even writers who don't read, if they exist, are still going to bring to the page what has influenced them in their lives. Voila. Those are my thoughts on the matter. Have a great Halloween everyone!

Please go visit and thank the generous co-hosts for the October 2 posting of the IWSG are Ronel Janse van Vuuren, Mary Aalgaard,  

Happy fall!


  1. Reading is only an extension - good point!

  2. Totally agree :-) Happy IWSG day!

    Ronel visiting and on co-hosting IWSG day Co-hosting, Flagship Content and Interesting Developments

  3. Glad you're making progress on your WIP!
    I don't think I've ever heard of a writer not being a reader.

  4. I'm with you. I wouldn't think a writer who doesn't read exists.

  5. Influences matter, but it doesn't matter the source.

  6. I love this time of year. Autumn in October is beautiful just like your pictures. I totally agree with your answer for this months question!!

  7. Hi Lisa - I wish I could settle to read more - if I did, I'd never do any writing. But I read lots ... just not settling into books ... better try novellas, perhaps! But I live a life which has a myriad of stories to let me sink my teeth into, or avoid! - Cheers

  8. Those pics are lovely...
    Good luck with the WIP!

  9. Reading inspires me to write. I just can't imagine not being a writer not being a reader.

  10. Awesome photos. Fall is here! Wishing you success in finishing your WIP.

  11. Ha! I love happy falls!

    And, while I've also never met a non-reading writer, they must be out there somewhere, else from where did the question come from?

    There's no froth without beer :)


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