Wednesday, January 08, 2020

IWSG 2020! Another Year Has Gone By...

IWSG 2020
2019 has come and gone and now we move into a new decade. For some reason I used to think decades lasted forever, but of course as I am older now, they don't last long enough.
This year is starting with so much uncertainty in the world. It is also starting with uncertainty in my life. I have only vague ideas of where I/we (my husband and I) will be in six months and even those ideas might not be what actually happens.
So, my word for the beginning of this decade, the beginning of this year is uncertainty, and I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way. I will do my best to "go with the flow" and take one day, one month at a time. I know in reality the next five months will fly by, so I want to be where I am until the future unfolds.
I wish for all of you a wonderful beginning and continuation of 2020. I hope if you too, face uncertainty, that we face it together and roll with whatever comes our way. Good luck in your writing and good luck in life! Happy IWSG day for January!
My hubby and me!
 Question of the month: What started you on your writing journey? Was it a particular book, movie, story, or series? Was it a teacher/coach/spouse/friend/parent? Did you just "know" suddenly you wanted to write?
Honestly, I think it was my father who planted the idea first. When I was very young, my sister and I had to write a story (with or without drawings) only a page or two long, for our allowance. I liked doing it. I think that's where the bug bit me. I went on to keep journals, and then to write seriously. It's a love/hate relationship, but one I can't seem to give up or ignore...

Please go by and thank the awesome co-hosts for the January 8 posting of the IWSG: T. Powell Coltrin, Victoria Marie Lees, Stephen Tremp, Renee Scattergood, and J.H. Moncrieff!


  1. Hi Lisa - having to move in uncertainty is always a challenge ... but go with the flow makes sense - and I guess as one gets older, making those changes as easy as they can be. Good luck with the year - and here's to those first 5 months, while the rest of 2020 will unfold. Take care and all the best - Hilary

  2. I love that your father made you write for you allowance. How he must have valued the result.

  3. I would've written stories for my allowance! Better than keeping my room clean.
    Enjoy the moment now because it will be gone all too soon.

  4. I understand the love/hate relationship. And the uncertainty.

  5. Glad your father was such a great influence, working for your allowance through writing is a novel idea! :)

  6. Happy New Year!
    I am experiencing a bit of uncertainty now. I'm in a waiting process, waiting to see what will happen next. It's a positive uncertainty and I believe that change brings that uncertainty. You know it will happen but you don't know how.
    wishing you all the best.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  7. Heck, I write for free. I'd love if someone would pay me to write.

    Hey, I'm praying for your uncertainties to become the best they can be. Whatever life brings you, make sure you participate. Life is so short.


  8. "go with the flow"... is a great method of handling life. May your writing help you to create the flow -

  9. Writing is a love/hate relationship for me too. Whenever someone gushes that I must LOVE it, I feel really guilty, because a lot of the time, I don't. It's work, dammit. Yes, work I'd prefer over being someone's bitch in a cubicle forest, but work all the same.

    Sorry to hear about the uncertainty in your life. I hope everything's okay. Love to you. x

  10. Happy New Year, Lisa! Going with the flow and being in the moment are good ways to deal with uncertainty, and I wish you strength and acceptance as you deal with unknowns.

    I spent most of 2019 expecting to move to another state, even making four offers on houses over a period of months, and we're still here in Colorado. The possibility of moving still looms, but it is less likely. That's fine by me. I kept telling myself that things mostly work out for the best, and I focused on taking care of things that needed to be done (like cataract surgery). My word was "flexibility."

    Writing is a love/difficult relationship for me. I generally love it, even in the pits, but it's often a difficult slog. Writing helps me calm worries because it's an accomplishment I can see, control (LOL), and escape into. Wishing you lots of fulfilling writing this year!

  11. Happy New Year to you, his good self and the extended family, Lisa!

    Sorry to hear about the uncertainties, but I know you well enough that you'll be your Rock Star self and all will figure itself out as good as its meant to be (and having been there and done that, I have a second-hand T-shirt you can have :)

  12. Uncertainties can be stressful. I hope you're able to go with the flow. Hard, I know. Welcoming change isn't easy. I've been there, too. Hugs.


  13. I love your "go with the flow" attitude. I hope the uncertainties you allude to are things that will have positive outcomes eventually. I have a love-hate relationship with writing too. Often, starting a project is the hardest for me as I'm flooded with self-doubt. But once I get going, I find it hard to stop!

  14. I never realized it until I read your post that my mom did the same sort of thing. She didn't call it an allowance, but she would buy my "books". When I needed extra cash, I'd write a story or a poem. She truly was my most avid fan.

  15. I started writing poetry during a dark period in my life. It was an emotional outlet for me. As a child my Mother would let me order books from a mail order book club and I would read etc. and I enjoyed it immensely! I also enjoyed writing so much I had a large notebook full of my works and works in progress. One day I destroyed all of it and now I regret it deeply. I still have the desire to write but I now I cannot get anything down on paper. Any suggestions? I have this feeling I “need” to write but here I am writing this post and not sure why. Anyway thank for reviewing my page a while back. Many prayers for blessings and success sent your way.


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