Friday, January 07, 2022

IWSG January 2022!

 So, of course I start the year off late on IWSG! Bad habit lately, but one I'm willing to work on, even if I do a terrible job sometimes! I haven't made any "New Year Resolutions" because I don't do that anymore. Instead I reflected at the end of 2021. I am not out to try to "fix" the problems of last year. I'm out to work on bettering me/my life/life in general and I think looking back is a good way to plan going forward. What do you do? Reflect? Resolve to change? Both?

My plans for this first half of the year are to work as I have been, meaning outside the home, until the end of the school year (May). Then put my energies toward finishing my WIP. I'm not making any other plans. I just want to stay healthy, be with my loved ones (whether by Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or in person, and Be. Here. Now.  Which leads, kind of, into the first of the year, question-of-the-month for IWSG

What's the one thing about your writing career you regret the most? Were you able to overcome it? 

I regret not making a living at it. I don't regret the books I've written AT. ALL. In fact, I feel proud of what I've accomplished so far. 

I have not overcome my regrets, yet. I hope I can at least become popular enough that I can make a living from it. I don't need to be on the NYTs list. I do want to please more folks with my stories, and have a legacy to leave when I'm no longer here. So, if you're like me, hopefully you'll continue to love what you do instead of berating yourself for not making ("enough") money at it (which I do and have to remind myself not to do all the time) and give this new year a new chance. Life is good, in spite of the state of the pandemic right now. Life is still VERY good compared with the alternative!

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Happy New Year!


  1. A little late is all right.
    I think the leaving a legacy part resounds with many of us. We just want to be remembered.

  2. My ultimate goal is to be able to make a living with my writing, but it won't kill me if I don't succeed. I'm still having fun, and that's all that counts. Glad to hear you're enjoying what you're doing.

    Happy 2022!

  3. I may never be immortal with what I wrote, but hopefully I can help some of my authors reach that point.

  4. Happy New Year, Lisa!

    I echo your sentiment that leaving a legacy is the most important thing. Oh, and also having fun during the journey.

  5. Hi Lisa - it's essential you do what you have a passion for ... and you've done so well with your books ... the advantage you can carry on writing and achieving ... and as Alex says you're making a mark - your books have been published and you've been successful. So pleased all is well and you've got your home sorted and the garden - just enjoy life and all writing you can get in. Cheers and all the best for 2022 - Hilary


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