Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Autumn in October Begins The Nestling In... IWSG


I started this post and never finished it, till today that is, so I'm technically not late! Yay me. I'm finally home for what looks to be many months in a row! So, what is my excuse for not writing? I don't have one, not even a little one. So, I'm thinking of taking on NaNo this year. I've done it before and done wonders with it so I think that is a challenge I will take on, which will, at the same time, take on the challenge of procrastination. I'm ready to take on both. Ready to get this WIP in line, finish it and congratulate myself. Okay, all big talk, but seriously, haven't you been here before? Knowing you can DO this and just...not?

I'm tired of not liking myself for not doing what I know I can do. I'm starting this month to get ready for next. Writing two things I've committed to; a story for a friend and a recounting of a trip to Maine I took this year with another dear friend. My schedule is full and now all I have to do is DO IT. Wish me luck?

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Taken while walking the hills of Western North Carolina


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    1. Anonymous4:06 PM

      You too, Natalie! Sorry I got my post finished after you came by...

  2. I think the blog ate your content today.

    1. Yes, no, not really, just got to it a bit late in the day. LOL


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