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November Thankfulness & IWSG



November is when we're supposed to stop and take a look at our lives and what we are thankful for in those lives. I've been reading my mother's writings lately. She's been keeping a journal since I was a teenager, and, writing anecdotes as the occasions arise. I found something she wrote about my "other" dad which I wanted to share with you. I will let her words speak now as I can't write how I feel better than she did.

Happy Father's Day
By Sue F. Miller

You became a grandfather never even having had children. You were with me.
You held out your hands for your daughter whom you had just met...She was in labor,
feeling most sick. There was no bowl, no container. You searched. There was nothing.
You cupped your hands for her to use...she did not need it but
you were there.
That's a dad.

We moved to our camp school. It was a mess. You went right to work. Suddenly, we had hot water and you  built a kitchen in our house, which was office and living space. When the roof leaked, when the refrigerator died, when the plumbing went on the blink, you fixed, repaired, and scrounged for parts.
You cupped your hands again and made things work.
That's a dad.

More grandkids came and you dived right in to be a part of the birthing teams. 
We drank champagne after the mighty efforts concluded. Wonderful babies. Proud grandparent.
That's a dad.

Now, most of the physical work is done; the kids are older, the grandchildren becoming adults...
You teach them how to deal with their cars. You teach them how to fix bikes, computers, golf, and gardening. You go to court with them for driving violations. You help them learn to pick themselves up when they fall down. You pass on your wisdoms.
That's a super dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. You have all our thanks and love.
And you did not know but,
That's a dad.

My mother wrote this in 2013 and I'd never read it before. Now, with that first grandson, my first son, I read it and cried, so incredibly grateful to have had a second dad who has touched my heart with his generosity, ferocity, love and gentleness. My father had Parkinson's while my children were growing up and they didn't get to know him as well as I would have liked, but Greg, my other dad (my sister calls him our "bonus" dad), has filled up the spaces that would have been empty had he not fallen in love with my mother, and us. My mother is right. That's a dad.

Sue and Greg Miller, my parents

The November question for us is: 
November is National Novel Writing Month. Have you ever participated? If not, why not?

I have! I've done it at least three times. I didn't always finish my goals, but did at least twice, so I know it can be done. Anyone who hasn't tried it, you should give it a try. It's so helpful in setting goals and keeping them, and it's fun to do it with so many others.

Please visit our co-hosts this month and thank them for helping us all out!
and me of course!


  1. This is simply lovely.

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      🙏🏽 thank you 😊

  2. That was really sweet. A real dad.
    Thanks for co-hosting today!

  3. Such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it with us. And it's so awesome your mom wrote journals and kept them too.

  4. The group aspect of NaNo has always been my favorite thing. We're one big writing family.

  5. Thanks for co-hosting this month. Thanks for sharing your mother's words. I too have a second dad who is the best super dad. One day I hope to try NaNo.

  6. This post was lovely. Did you know that Guardio from Chrome designates this site as malicious? Thought you should know. Thanks for visiting my post!

  7. What a wonderful tribute! He sounds like he was an amazing person with a heart full of love.

  8. Beautiful poem. What a great start to a new child.

  9. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Thank you for co-hosting this month!
    That is absolutely beautiful! I lost my Dad 16 years ago this month and everything in this journal entry reminded me of him. I love it.
    Have a wonderful November!
    (Google's not letting me log in for some reason again this month...)

  10. Thank you for co-hosting and for sharing this beautiful piece with us. It's all heart.

  11. Beautiful! Thank you for Co-hosting!!

  12. Thanks for co-hosting today!
    That’s a dad…lovely and true. The poem said it all, a dad is more than the passing on genes. It’s action…it’s ‘cupping your hands.’
    I’ve been taking part in NaNoWriMo for almost a decade now. I don’t always meet goal but I get a lot of words written out. And that’s saying alot as I’m a turtle writer.

  13. Anonymous2:42 PM

    What a great tribute to you 'other' dad. Thanks for sharing.

    Olga Godim from

  14. Absolutely beautiful, Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing.
    And thanks for co-hosting!

  15. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Very sweet post. I love "bonus dad." That's perfect. C. Lee McKenzie Oh, and thanks for co-hosting today.

  16. Wonderful words! Thanks for sharing. I've done NaNo about four or five times and mostly got across the finish line. One of them has been published (oh with a few more years work!)

  17. Wonderful words and thoughts. Thanks!

  18. This past week I've been going through some of my Dad's old papers that I've had stashed away for several years. He died in 1990 when I was 39 and my kids were still fairly young, but I'm thankful I had him around as long as I did. I've made some fascinating discoveries as I sort through the treasure trove of his stuff. He wasn't all that handy and didn't teach me much about fixing things and the like, but he was a great father who left me wonderful memories and gave me a good outlook on life. I hope I've been half as good as he was.


  19. So true. And lovely to read this.

  20. What a treasure to discover and old enough to truly value it's meaning.
    Thanks for co-hosting our Nov IWSG blog hop.
    Lynn @ Lynn La Vita

  21. Anonymous6:13 PM

    What a special tribute. Thanks for sharing and for co-hosting.

  22. What a beautiful treasure to find.

    And yes, I have also enjoyed NaNo over the years.

  23. The image of cupped hands offering help is so beautiful. You were very blessed to have your parents.
    Thank you so much for the lovely, uplifting thought today. And for co-hosting the IWSG.

  24. What a lovely tribute.

  25. You are truly blessed, Lisa. Your parents are angels. Lucky, lucky you. Thanks for cohosting!

  26. That’s lovely. Thanks for cohosting today.
    Jemima @

  27. That was a wonderful dedication to your dad. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for co-hosting!


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