Wednesday, April 03, 2024

April Showering Me With Kindness & ISWG



Our "X" Twitter handle is @TheIWSG and hashtag is #IWSG

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I'm starting out my post this month with the IWSG information because I love how important it is for me to be a part of this blogging community. I don't post as much as I should, but I love being here and how it keeps me humble, and keeps me tuned in to the "writing internet crowd." And even though I've been sent to the back of the line twice (!), I'm still hanging in here. My answer to this month's question is...

How long have I been blogging (Or Twitter, Instagram or Facebook)? What do I like about it and what has changed? 

I've been blogging since at least 2011. SOOOOO much has changed since I started and I find it a mixed bag. I gave up on Wordpress, because it wasn't the right fit for my brain. If I had someone else blogging for me I'd us it, but it was too much of a pain back then and I haven't tried it again in a very long time. I'm no longer on X/Twitter at all. I just can't do it. Instagram and FB are where I usually spend my time when doing social media. Even they are getting on my nerves. Not so much FB because I really keep up there with the special people in my life that I can't see every day. I pay no attention to anything else. Instagram never lets me just see the people I follow. If it did that, however, I'd be on it toooo much so maybe that's a good thing! Once I get back into marketing my novels I'll do a lot more on those platforms, and possibly TicToc but for now, I'm happy doing what I'm doing. How about you?

We recently got our little furbaby groomed for the first time. Not just bathed, but a whole new haircut and he looks like a new dog! Never seen him this way before and I like it. I liked the way he was with his long hair as well, but it was getting to be a real mess to deal with. What do you think? Like the new cut? The old? I like them both!
I have decided to enter one of my unpublished (but edited professionally) novels in a contest. Wish me luck? I'm very nervous about this because it's the first in a trilogy and if it doesn't go well...? I'm terrified!


After! We didn't want his face changed much, so I think she did a good job.


  1. Hi Lisa - I'm glad I've kept with blogger, and inadvertently started with them, but love meeting bloggers - I don't do the other social media aspects - very time consuming, I think! Furbaby looks purrfect - though he'll be barrrrrrkfect won't he? Cheers and good to see you - Hilary

  2. Hi, Lisa,

    I love your new family member so much!!! I actually like his new hair cut better.

    I wish you MUCH luck on entering your novel in a contest. I'm here from the IWSG group. Keep writing!!!


  3. Still on Twitter but never ventured to any other platform.
    Sorry you had to sign up again but thanks for continuing to come back to the IWSG.
    And yes, quite the difference! A whole new dog.

  4. I've been blogging since 2011 too and still enjoy being part of a community of writers. I don't have time to do much with other social media platforms, though I should probably get on Instagram.

  5. He looks so cute all groomed.

    I used to be more active on Pinterest, but I could get lost on there for hours, so maybe that's a good thing I'm not anymore.

  6. Hi Lisa, good luck with that writing contest. I love your new fur baby.

  7. Good luck with your contest entry. Fingers crossed it works out for you and your trilogy takes off from here! And your fur baby is adorable!

  8. Good luck with your contest entry. I hope it goes well and your trilogy takes off from here! And yes, your fur baby is adorable!

  9. I gave Twitter the heave ho too. Tried WordPress for a bit but never really liked it. Whole new pup indeed.

  10. Your furbaby is sooooo cute, it's the other way around for me, I find FB to be a pain and not fond of how it doesn't show me the actual people I follow, where as Insta is just stories. Glad you are on blogger.


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