Thursday, May 02, 2024

May’s Surprises & IWSG


Have you ever tried VR (virtual reality) goggles? Have you ever flown a drone? I was lucky enough yesterday to try both…and both are mind bending. I started with the drone, here in the Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville, so you understand it’s already gorgeous. Flying the drone was the closest I’ve come to flying with both feet on the ground. If you are a writer, have you ever had that feeling of “liftoff “ when your characters take the story into their own hands and you do all you can to keep up? That is what flying the drone felt like. Freedom with the illusion of control. 

Using the VR goggles was even more mind bending because even though it’s supposed to be virtual reality, it’s somehow more encompassing than real reality because in real life you move your self, your body, within the real world. In VR, the world moves around you and you have to fit your self, your body,  into that moving world. So much like writing where you are aware of every single word and how it carries the story, or doesn’t. You have to make things fit and you have to change even the settings if the story doesn’t flow any number of times. Flying with your feet on the ground. 

I recommend trying both and see how it bends your mind and makes you think differently about your body, your place in the world, and, how you build your stories. 

Insecure Writers Support Group

Here are our co-hosts this month! Please go by and thank them for being so supportive of all of us!!

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Happy May everyone!

Flowers from my garden to yours.

The Blue Ridge Mountains 

Me VR-ing!!!


  1. How cool! Yes, Asheville is a beautiful area. I've tried virtual reality goggles but never flown a drone.

  2. I've been to the Smoky Mountains and imagine the Blue Ridge ones are just beautiful. That's cool you got to experience them flying a drone.


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