Friday, May 04, 2012

Down Dog Day

Today is a down dog day. Not that I’m not writing, because here I am. But I’m uninspired. I’m slumping. I’m not in love right now with my work in progress and berating myself for not pushing hard enough to stay on task.
I know everyone has a down day but I’ve had a down week. I have written. I have lived with the story, but I don’t feel inspired by it and miss the elation of a good day’s work.
I’m glad today is Friday and this week is over. OMG listen to me whine. Okay, what do I have to moan over? Nothing really. My husband loves me, my children are off and doing well in their lives and still keep in touch with me so I can’t complain there. My family is doing great. My life is going nicely. I finished the A to Z Blogging challenge and “met” lots of new people. I’ve sold four books without trying. My second printing is about to come out. 
So what is wrong with me? I don’t know. But now that I’ve whined about it I need to get over my wimpy-ness so I’ll jump hands first into my WIP and see how big a splash I can make. Maybe I just needed to complain a bit and now that I have the love will flow. Won’t know if I don’t try. So I'm off! Keep your fingers crossed for me. My chin is up, hands poised; I'm holding my breath...

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  1. Fingers crossed. I found the same thing at the end of the challenge. I have to force myself to finish my wip. I should never have broken off into another venture, but I did. Make the best of it, and continue writing even if it's just one paragraph a day. So here on the forth day from the end, I've almost weaned myself from hopping from blog to blog. Today I wrote a whole scene and started another. I'm nearly back to normal.


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