Friday, April 05, 2013


How do you energize yourself/your story?
It’s mid-morning. You’re sitting at your desk, or wherever it is that you write, with your current work in progress in front of you. You’ve had your coffee or tea. You’ve answered all your email, commented on the blogs you follow. Now it is just you and the work in progress.
How do you get yourself over that hump of procrastination? How do you energize yourself to delve into the story you left off of yesterday at a sticky point? How do you energize that sticky point and make it sparkle, leap and hold?
I’m working on an area like this right now. I need a smooth transition, but not a boring or quick one. I need this scene to speak to more than one issue. I need this scene to take me down a few different roads all at one time. I need it to question, to move with painful slowness, but also tremble with anxiety and the need to burst forth into action. How can I make this happen? I’ve worked on the groundwork leading up to this point and always when I get here, I sit perplexed, agitated and afraid of stagnation.
Yet this morning I know I’m on the brink of something powerful. Yesterday I worked till I got in the details that needed to be there to set up this scene and now, today, I have a real chance of making this happen! I’m so excited! Can you tell? I’m going to gate crash today and make it through the blockage and the most exhilarating thing about that is that I literally can’t wait to find out what’s on the other side. Breathe, Lisa, just breathe…
So, now I’ve psyched myself up, I’ve done my groundwork, and I’m ready to go. I know I will make this scene rock. Alban is waiting, with hand outstretched, more impatient even than I am to get this show on the road.
That’s how I do it. I lay the groundwork, stop procrastinating, hype myself up into a frenzy of excitement, and take hold of my protagonist’s “hand.” Together we power through!
Go on, get energized!

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  1. It sounds like you're ready so turn off the internet and knock the gate down.

    Energizer Bunny, beware...there's a new sheriff in town! :)

    1. And I got through also! Now I have to deal with what showed up next! Ha! BTW, I was thinking yesterday of "Elastic" Man or really Dr. Fantastic. Wasn't too far off the mark!

  2. I write at least two books at a time - usually one historical and one contemporary. When I'm stuck on one, I move to the other. Always works for m.

    Nice to meet you, Lisa.

  3. Hi Lisa .. a good night's sleep and then start with the buzz in your head - it'll work .. when you're ready to tell your story, add to it, that energy will come ..

    Cheers Hilary


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