Wednesday, January 06, 2016

First IWSG Post of 2016!!!


Of course this post must start with a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I send lots of happiness and success in this new beginning...
I stopped making New Year's resolutions a few years ago. Instead I like to take time in January to think back on the year before, to learn from both the pluses and minuses when it comes to my work because sometimes it's hard to be happy with my accomplishments, to pat myself on the back and say "good job!" Yet I'm learning that a lack of recognition causes unnecessary stress and takes all the joy out of doing what I love to do.
So I look forward to this new beginning, this new year of 2016 and to the new lessons I will learn, to the changes that will, inevitability come, and to the new novel that will be born!
What do you do each January of a new year? I hope you love what you do and enjoy where you are and/or where you are going. Good luck! 

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  1. I usually reflect also; not this year though. For some reason I don't want to relive it all; the good or the bad. But like you, I'm looking forward to the challenge of this year, whatever it (they) might be.

    Good luck to you Lisa, and Happy New year also.

  2. Hi Lisa - Happy New Year - the taking time out in January makes sense ... I'm sort of in motion for this year - so perhaps next January!! You had a good year ... so "consider yourself well in" for the start of 2016 - have a very good year - cheers Hilary

  3. January is a time to go back to work after the holidays, and to shovel. Neither of those things are particularly inspiring.

    Thant being said, there is something nice and optimistic about a New Year. New beginnings and all that. Always hope that the next one will be better.

    Happy Anniversary of our Planet Making a Full Orbit Around Our Yellow Star!

    IWSG January

  4. Happy New Year, Lisa! :)

  5. Change will come, whether we like it or not!
    It is hard to give ourselves credit for what we've accomplished.

  6. Look forward and enjoy the view of an untouched year. It doesn't take long to take the first step, and begin a new journey. (Ummm, where did that come from?) :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  7. Anonymous1:57 PM

    New novel? Totally excited to hear that! :-) yay!

  8. Looking back is a good thing to do. We all need to pat ourselves on the back more often. Even for the little accomplishments.

    Happy 2016!!!

  9. Beginnings are always so exciting! Hope we can hold on to that excitement for the entire year.

  10. I guess the only back-patting most of us get is if we do it ourselves. Have a great 2016.

  11. Happy new year! I'm feeling at peace with where I am and where I'm going, so I let all thoughts of resolutions go. Some years I'll come up with a theme, a focusing kind of word, but I didn't even do that this year.

    I hope your 2016 is amazing!

  12. Hi Lisa! Long time no see. I hope all goes well. I don't make NY Resolutions either, but I have goals in my head. I wish you every success for 2016!

  13. I make promises (goals by any other name) in January, but it seems I'm always having to make the same promises every year. All I want is to finish my story. Seems like a year should be long enough to do that.

  14. Hi Lisa,

    That's a great way of approaching the new year. January as a reflection time to evaluate what worked and what didn't.

    Your passion, your desire to have the existence of a new novel, a driving positive force in your life.

    I look at January as the start of an even better year because, no matter the environmental influences, I can make it so.

    A joyous 2016 to you and your loved ones.

    Gary :)

  15. Best wishes to you, Lisa. Each Jan. I try to figure out what needs to be done--where I am in my WIPs, what still needs to be done on my books already published, etc. A list helps. But it really helps if I read the list frequently.

  16. i love your approach of learning from last year's experiences! reflection can save so much time in the planning process!

    happy 2016!

  17. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Happy New Year Lisa
    I know what you mean about resolutions. I have started makign achievable New Years resolutions, such as I'm going to learn how to do... I've found it more rewarding than perviously.


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