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A to Z Le Bistrot Gourmand Chez Martine

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The Mill that they must leave...

Up in the Pyrénées, in the middle of what seems to be nowhere (but is actually near St. Bertrand de Comminges, (see post P) can be found a restaurant in an old mill, tucked neatly onto the banks of a mountain stream. The restaurant is named Le Bistrot Gourmand Chez Martine.

Yes, that's a pigeon on the right. First try.

Here, a chef by the name of Martine creates amazing meals, each one different and unique. We were lucky to have friends who not only know of this place, but they are friends with said chef. So, we went and spent a few hours indulging in whatever we wanted on the menu.

While we were there, Chef Martine made a sauce with black garlic that was served with two of our meals. It was amazing, and when we asked about it, she went right into the kitchen and came back out with a full goose of “black” garlic, which is actually marinated (over time) garlic that turns black. I know, this sounds terribly unappetizing, but it’s the exact opposite. Its taste is subtle and slightly pickled, mild, and it literally melts on the tongue. I ate three cloves and, the best thing? No garlic after-breath! Seriously, you don’t smell or taste like garlic after you eat it, and it still has all it’s healthy benefits.

A Great Black Garlic Article
Our friends Jean-Paul and Anne with Chef Martine (middle)
Breaking news. I just went to Martine’s page on Facebook and found they must move! The proprietor has passed away and his inheritors can’t afford to keep the old mill up, so they will sell. There is so much work to do on the mill that Chef Martine and her husband Roger can’t afford to buy it, either. So, they’re closing, but not permanently. They have found a new location and will be reopening in April! Hopefully the new facility will be as picturesque as this one is/was. Whatever the case, the food will continue to be as mouthwatering as we have come to expect and appreciate.

At the table enjoying the feast!

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All photos by Buie-Collard


  1. I'm a fan of garlic in most forms - pickled or cooked, just not raw. Pity the mill's going. Great the food will continue though.

  2. From the looks of the place I might bypass it if it weren't recommended. The food sounds wonderful!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. Thank you for your visit to my blog. This all looks so wonderful, the places the food. Looking through a few of your pages, I'm still trying to determine if you live there or are just visiting. I'll be back, have a meeting tonight.

  4. I hadn't heard of black garlic. Interesting. Spending time indulging in a delicious menu sounds like a great idea.

  5. I've heard of her--she's quite famous. What an incredible experience! That black garlic sounds amazing.


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