Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A to Z Nourriture

First, a moment to remember Notre Dame... The end of one era  and a beginning of a new...

Now, on to our post...
Nourriture, (pronounce noo-ri-ture) Food in English, is something the French are famous for, with good reason. I love, love, love to eat in France, even if sometimes what they think is delish, I think is disgusting! I’m sorry, I don’t do snails. Yes, I know, I’m missing out, but sorry. Just don’t do them.
Foie gras special as aperitif, Toulouse
But I do eat duck. I’ve also eaten gizzards, which I’d never tried before, and many other things. But mostly cheese and the pastries is what I miss when I come home. The cheeses here are not the same and the variety, well, it is getting better in the US, but still pales in comparison to France’s selections as do the pastries, which aren’t too sweet or filled with lots of chemicals. Just my preference. So, I’m posting a few photos of different dishes, shops, etc., all having to do with food in some way. I hope you enjoy them! Bon Appetit!
A meat and cheese tray, Brasserie BBT, Cornebarrieu
I think it went over well!

Chocolate Easter eggs, Biarritz

Wild boar ready for the fire, Bonrepos-Riquet
On the fire!
Leg of lamb, at the "Organdi" restaurant, Cornebarrieu

Croque Monsieur avec frites et salade, Revel

A "pique-nique" picnic lunch in the garden

Riz de Veau, Organdi, Cornebarrieu

Chevre-chaude salade, Gers (hot goat cheese salad) Les Taillades, Haute Garonne

Chantilly avec fruits dessert, Les Taillades

Roasted Pigeon, Gourmond chez Martine, St. Bertrand de Commange

Filet with grits cake Le 9 Restaurant, Beziers

Salade chèvre chaud, Salad with warm goat cheese, smoked duck, and bacon, Capestang

Gateau chocolat, chocolate cake chez mes beaux parents

Päella et fromage, chez mes beaux-parents

Cassis sorbet, Auberge du Marais, Bouliac (near Bordeaux)

Caille (Quail) with potatoes and veggies, Auberge du Marais, Bouliac (near Bordeaux)

Gateau fraises, strawberry cake for Pierre's birthday, Merville

Couscous a la Redjem, Merville

Different breads and some cheese at my mother-in-law's house

Magret, pommes frites et confit de canard, duck and potatoes, Chez Annie, Gers

Homemade Confit de Canard, at a baptism party, St. Michel

And where does one go to buy these kinds of foods? Why to the market of course! This day we went to Le marché Carmes in Toulouse.


  1. Mmmmmm!!Looks good ;) Of course as I'm French I will not say I don't like your post ;)) Haaaa, cheese and bread, the best meal ever!
    N = Notions, et Notre-Dame...

  2. when I moved back from France to England and opened a restaurant, my menu was very much influenced by food I'd enjoyed there - including snails!

    My A-Z of Children's Stories

  3. Yummy! Most of it anyway :)

  4. Aah! Your post is making me hungry. Such tempting and delicious looking dishes, especially the Croque Monsieur avec frites et salade and Gateau fraises, strawberry cake!! :)

  5. Prayers to Paris today.
    Very colorful photos of delicious-looking food. My family raised chickens so I have eaten gizzards and most other parts of the fowl. (As my father said, "All except the cluck.")
    (AtoZ Theme: very short stories/various genres)
    N is for: Narthex, Nave, and Exorcisms

  6. Some amazing food porn there....thanks for sharing. Stopping in from A to Z.

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Night


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