Monday, April 22, 2019

A to Z Sete Festival

There is a huge maritime festival in Séte on the Mediterranean right on the bay. If you love old ships, seafood, anything to do with maritime life, this is the festival for you. My husband went last year (2018) with his father and a friend. Though it evidently goes on for a week, they stayed the entire Saturday and really enjoyed themselves. 
I think I’d like to see the water jousting and the parade when the ships all come in to port! Séte also happens to be where the Canal du Midi begins or ends, as the case may be…

I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Video of the 2018 festival, to give an idea of the fun…

Here is another video from last year. 

 HERE is a website to find out what to do in Séte

HERE is the website to learn more about the “Escale” Festival.

Now for the photos!

The stern of the Hermione

One of the many displays

A Russian (formerly German) ship the "Kruzenshtern" 1926

The Russian sailors
"La Mode a la Cour" The fashion at Court 18th century

On the streets...

The Trinidad, Magellan's flagship (We saw this ship in St Augustine Florida, too!)
A copy of a ancient Greek ship found in the Rhone river

The Bow of Hermione

The Hermione

Flags of participants

On the Quay

Smoking herring, the old fashion way!
An Italian galley that sails all over Europe

My father-in-law drawing one of the ships

Lunch! Dejeuner! Must be fish of course

This team of women sailors looks about to capsize!

On the quay

The Greek galley is off!

Ropes, ropes and more ropes

All sizes and shapes...

For the children


On the quay



  1. Mmmmmm, ships parade, I love that!! Hermione is such an elegant ship, like those old ladies!

  2. How fun! So much to see beyond just the ships.

  3. WOW! Those ships!

  4. Love the photos of the ships and the lady sporting the red-hatted plume and satiny orange skirt.
    S is for Salt Mining in Bavaria


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