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A to Z Toulouse La Ville Rose

Every time I post about France I must write about Toulouse. “La ville Rose” is almost no longer so “rose” in color. It is modernizing at a frightening pace and some of the new buildings going up are most certainly not any kind of red. Instead they span the spectrum, all modern-y and square-angled and not at all old. Following in Paris’ lead I guess, putting the new right up against the ancient. And yet, through these photos you'll see Toulouse retains its charm and beauty.

Toulouse has one of the most beautiful “Hôtel de Ville” in France. The square upon which it sits is not being let to go the way of the rest of the city with modernity or shops that are out of place.

Place du Capitole, Toulouse
L'Hotel de Ville Toulouse
The square is a monument in itself, with the Croix Occitane (The symbol of the region and is on the flag) set in metal right into the very paving stones, along with the signs of the Zodiac which are what they say the twelve points on the cross stand for.
Place St. Etienne, St. Etienne is the only cathedral in Toulouse

Galleries, museums, universities, high schools, tea shops, comic book shops (Oh I could do a whole post just on French comic books), regular book shops, restaurants, cafes, jewelry shops, shoe, clothing, hardware, parks, statues, monuments…Stop! You can find anything in Toulouse.
Bread. Need I say more? I didn't think so.

These plaques were all painted by local artists. On the Place du Capitole

A street in Toulouse

Three stories DOWN parking

Life in the city...

My husband's "High School" in Toulouse

An electric, driverless, automated vehicle on a pedestrian walk Jules Guesde

At a tram station. Against bullying. Basically saying "If you want to harass/abuse someone, think again."

We have friends who love living in the city, but I’m happy (country girl that I am) that my parents-in-law live in one of the outer towns that surround it. Another sign of modernization, Toulouse is slowly but surely eating up all the smaller towns and ingesting them into the great beast that is the big city.
Yet they retain their charm, as does Toulouse.
Toulouse by night

It looks like there is no one in this city. But it is full of people!

Green walks like this are common

So are "eye-candy" statues... wink wink!

Jardin du Grand Rond. Gardens are specially taken care of in Toulouse and there are a lot of them

The entire front of this building is tiled. Click to make it bigger and see the detail...

Canal Brienne
 There are three canals (Canal Du Midi, Canal Lateral, Canal Brienne) that run through the city and each of them is beautiful and used by everyone as parks, walking or running areas, and a green place in the city to relax.
Waiting for the bus. Cool "seats" you can lean against.

In the church St Jerome

How about we all calm down...! I loved this ad in a shop window

Musée des Augustins

Musée des Augustins

Musée des Augustins

Le Donjon du Capitole

A Toutain statue by Le Donjon. Jean-Louis Toutain was from Toulouse

St Jacobins Church

Le Pont Neuf. The "New" Bridge is only 486 years old, the oldest one in Toulouse!

New apartments on the Garonne. Ugh.

The "Tramway" very useful!

A pedestrian bridge over the Rue Boulingrin takes one directly into the Jardin du Grand Rond

A modern bridge over the highway

Yes, you can find public toilets free of charge now!

Love the different architectures in this city

A piece of the original Roman wall that surrounded Toulouse in Roman times. See us?

Rue Alsace-Lorraine, now completely pedestrian because Toulousans love to shop

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All photos by Buie-Collard


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  2. Thank you for all these photos, beautiful as usual ;)

  3. Toulouse seems like a place with old world char, It's so picturesque and beautiful. :)

  4. This is a lovely place. That narrow street between the buildings is pretty cool.

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