Friday, April 26, 2019

A to Z Lambert Wilson, Actor, Singer, Activist, and Gourmand

For those of you who have seen the Matrix series, you’ll probably recognize Lambert Wilson, who played The Merovingian in the second and third episodes. He is also a singer and has a new album out, singing songs by Yves Montand. But what I found fascinated me the most about him is how he, as an actor, doesn’t seem to want the fanfare and is more interested in what he can do for others. I also found he absolutely LOVES food! He seems to be more than what he looks like, and the photos I found of him I think speak to that depth. His main causes now are the environment, helping young playwrights and screenwriters, and helping to eradicate poverty and hunger.

In Sahara, with Brooke Sheilds

Magazine advertisement

The singer...


The film “Odyssey” about Jacques Cousteau is not only beautiful to watch, but teaches a lesson about our oceans, our world. When he said in an interview that the Antarctic is only “safe” until 2048, I almost cried. I didn’t know about the accord between all countries ending at that time. As it is, it’s hard to know if it is actually being honored in full. In a world of greed, it’s hard to police everyone, much less trust everyone to honor their commitments. I recommend the film and in light of all the plastic we’re now seeing everywhere, I think it’s a film we should all take to heart and do something to change our direction. Because if we don’t, I think it’s safe to say the planet will go on without us. We need it much more than it needs us, in fact, our planet doesn’t need us at all. We should think long and hard about that.

Best of…Matrix

Antarctic Treaty HERE

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  1. Yes! In a good way!

  2. Such a multi-faced and compassionate personality. Thanks for sharing about Lambert Wilson, Lisa!

  3. He was playing in the movie "Of Gods and Men" too. I like this actor, a very good one.


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