Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A to Z Unique: Concorde: One of a Kind

The Concorde was/is Unique in that it was the first supersonic airplane capable of transporting people like a regular jet airliner. To take a flight in it was on my bucket list, but sadly, that won’t come to pass. But my father-in-law had the honor of flying it a few times, including on its last flight from Paris to Toulouse. He designed parts of the Concorde and still is invited to lecture about it internationally to this day.

My husband grew up under the brilliant shadow of Concorde and was on the field the day of its first flight. On our walls, we have the photos that he took with his little camera on take-off and landing.
We all know of the tragedy that cut its life short (even though it has been proved without a doubt that there was no fault in the Concorde aircraft), however, it still remains a symbol, like the first space flight, of what humans are capable of doing.
First flight of the Concorde

Now the Concorde’s place is in a new flight museum in Blagnac, France, Aeroscopia. My father-in-law took my husband and our nephews to visit it last year. The museum is constantly updating, but the Concorde holds its position as star of the show no matter its colleagues accompanying it inside and out.
I hope you enjoy the photos they took while there… 
In all its beauty

André Turcat
the pilot in the video who was the first to fly the Concorde

The cockpit

My father-in-Law, Dudley Collard worked to create this shape of the wing

Three of the Collard men!

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Toulouse La Ville Rose

Photos by Buie-Collard


  1. Very nice, cool photos!

    1. I remember it so well. I waited in a nearby car park for its first flight and was awestruck as it flew overhead. I lived beneath the flight path and you could set your clocks by the sonic boom I heard every evening as it headed across the channel

    2. First flight in England, I suppose? My husband was at the first one in France... I never did hear its sonic boom, but I've heard one from a military aircraft. It is so much louder than I expected!

  2. The Concorde flew over my house on its visit to Vancouver and it was AMAZING! I'll never, ever forget that. <3

    1. I saw it fly over once in London and you're right, unforgettable!

  3. It was such a beautiful plane!

    1. Yes, I think one of the most beautiful...

  4. I, too, LOVED the Concorde, and you probably know this, but there is an AF Concorde at the "new" Air and Space museum in Washington, DC, (near IAD) and when I took the boys there a few months ago I told them the story of me going to Dublin Airport in the late 70's - early 80's to see a Concorde that landed there for some special reason. Can't remember what the reason was, but it was so cool to see a Concorde fly in person!


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